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Pedigrees which display success in running both field trial and hunt tests with AKC, CKC, NAHRA & UKC titles



MHR Pine Acre's Dakota Sand Creek SH WCI

Creek is now enjoying retirement and has become our resident "cheerleader" for Gee, Ruby, Havoc & Bug in their training! He is still loving life, picking up any training bumper he can find on the ground and enjoying his snoozes on the dog couch!  

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NMH GMH GMHR-V HRCH-UH Dakota Creek's Royal Navigator MH (AKC & CKC) 

HRC & NAHRA 500 pt Club member

It appears that 2019 is continuing from where 2018 finished up for Gee!


To start things off in 2018 Gee qualified at the NAHRA Invitational in Onancock, Virginia.  This is her 5th Invitational Qualification. 

In 2018 she continued to successfully qualify in HRC  Finished tests as we added to her points total. 


We contined to achieve Finished passes in 2019 and in September at the Ohio HRC event, she became a member of the HRC's 500 Point Club.  She has been an amazing team player to work work with!  


Gee is likely the only dog who holds both AKC & CKC Master titles as well as NAHRA's GMHR title, CKC's NMH & GMH titles and HRC's HRCH & UH titles!  As well as belonging to both the HRC's and NAHRA's 500 Point Club!

HRCH-UH MHR-I Dakota Creek's Royal Gem MH

This year has started off with a bang with Ruby earning her HRCH title in February in Greensboro, Alabama at the Bay Area HRC event.  This has qualified her for the HRC Fall Grand in Wisconsin later this year.


Ruby will continue to run CKC, NAHRA and HRC events working toward her GMH, GMHR and 500 pt titles in 2019. 


We are looking forward to another generation of Dakota Creek retrievers with Ruby being bred in 2020.

HRCH-UH WR Dakota Creek's Wreaking Havoc SH

Havoc started off 2019 with a bang earning passes at Bay Area HRC and Essex HRC to earn his HRCH title.  He loves to train and will be working his way towards his  NAHRA Senior / CKC Master title this year.  

HR UH Dakota Creek's Cute As A Bug SH JH WC

Bug close up.JPG

Bug is on her way! 


Bug is continuing her success in the field by adding her both her Seasoned title (HR) in April 2022 and CKC Senior title (SH) in July 2022.  She added the Upland Hunter (UH) title to her name in March 2020.  In 2019 Bug successfully ran both CKC Junior and HRC Started tests.  She earned her HRC SHR title in August and her CKC JR title in September.  

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