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Pedigrees which display success in running both field trial and hunt tests with AKC, CKC, NAHRA & UKC titles




Introduction to the rules and disciplines for a hunting retriever.



GMHR-I HRCH-UHCH Dakota Creek's Royal Gem MH


In 2023, Ruby continued to run NAHRA events (including the Invitational) earning her NAHRA Grand Master Hunter title (GMHR) and HRC events adding Finished passes towards her 500 pt titles.

At 12 years of age, she shows no sign of slowing down from getting out to train with the other dogs! 

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MHR HRCH-UH Dakota Creek's Cute As A Bug SH

Bug close up.JPG

In 2023, Bug had her second litter of pups with FTCH AFTCH Maplepond's Packing Heat.  These pups are already showing early success in their training for field and obedience events, as Echo has from Bug's first litter. 


Bug is continuing her success in the field running at the HRC Finished and NAHRA Senior levels in 2024. 


As of June, she has added both her HRC Finished title (HRCH) and her NAHRA Senior title (MHR) title to her name.  We will continue to work toward NAHRA GMHR title and the HRC 500 point club this season and also look into running field trials at the Qual level.  

WR HR-UH Dakota Creek's Mirror Image SH

20240526_183615 (2).jpg

Echo has shown the drive and determination in both training and running hunt tests.  She earned her HR / SR/ SHR and JH without a missed test and went 4 for 4 for her Upland title  (2 passes in November 2023 with the Lake Ontario HRC and 2 passes with Essex HRC for her UH title in March 2024. 


In April of 2024, Echo went 4 for 4 to earn her NAHRA  Intermediate title.  In May / June she completed her CKC Senior title going 4 for 4. 


Looking forward to running her with the "Big Dogs" in HRC Finished, NAHRA Senior and CKC Master for the remainder of this season.    

Gone but not Forgotten

NMH GMH GMHR-V HRCH-UHCH Dakota Creek's Royal Navigator MH (AKC & CKC) 
HRC & NAHRA 500 pt Club member

Gee was definitley the corner stone for our breeding program here at Dakota Creek Retrievers. 


Whatever the testing program - AKC, CKC, HRC or NAHRA - she stepped up to the line with the confidence of a true team player.  In the field, she loved upland hunting and we spent many days together hunting roosters in South Dakota.  


At the National level, Gee qualified at five NAHRA Invitationals, ran and qualified at the Canadian National Master and ran at the HRC Grand.


By the time she retired at 11 1/2 years, she had earned enough points to join the 500 point clubs with both HRC and NAHRA.  


She was definitely an amazing team player to work work with and her offspring have definitely followed in her footsteps!  

Gee is the only dog who holds both AKC & CKC Master titles as well as NAHRA's GMHR-V title, CKC's NMH & GMH titles and HRC's HRCH & UHCH titles!  As well as belonging to both the HRC's and NAHRA's 500 Point Club!

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